Wail City Percussion is a company specializing in hand made stave shell snare drums from my workshop in New Bedford, MA. At Wail City, I passionately craft each shell to create a drum to have exceptional tone, character, and versatility that you won’t find in any standard ply shell.

Wail City Drumming!

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Pat Thetic

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   Yet another snare available at #itsnotdeadfest. 6.5x14 Mahogany/Maple shell, double ended tube lugs, 2.3 triple flange hoops, DW Mag throw-off. #wailcity #staveshell #stavedrum #snaredrum #wailcitypercussion #mahogany #maple
 Thanks to everyone that visited the Wail City Tent at #itsnotdeadfest. It was a great experience. We got to meet a lot of cool people and raise some Wail City awareness. We even made the family a little bit bigger. Welcome Andrea Gruber Matthies @andreagrubermatthies and Dave Matthies from the band @thegiftmachine Special thanks to Ray Picard @raydingo for making it all possible. Thanks to Aaron Yorty @aaron_yorty for being my right hand man. Shout out to Brian Robinson @bri_aws, Kristina @kristinaallison, and Ian Reilly @ireilly88 for helping with the set up and tear down. Shout out to Rachel Hall @rahahlay. Thanks Diane Reilly screen print master Dyrty Dyes. Special shoutout to #awilhelmscream #harpoonsup #wailcitypercussion #wailcity #stavedrum #staveshell  Another drum that will be available at #itsnotdeadfest 6x14 Bloodwood shell, off set double ended tube lugs, 3.0 triple flange hoops, DW Mag throw off, repurposed cymbal badges. #wailcitypercussion #stavedrum #staveshell #staveshell #bloodwood #wailcity #snaredrum