Wail City Percussion is a company specializing in hand made stave shell snare drums from my workshop in New Bedford, MA. At Wail City, I passionately craft each shell to create a drum to have exceptional tone, character, and versatility that you won’t find in any standard ply shell.

Wail City Drumming!

Check out Bird Attack’s latest podcast #70 featuring Wail City President, and drummer from A Wilhelm Scream at www.birdattackradio.com

Pat Thetic

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 We are very excited to welcome Brian Franklin, from the band Sic Waiting to the Wail City family! You can check out Sic Waiting at https://m.facebook.com/sicwaiting/ #sicwaiting #wailcity #harpoonsup #snare #staveshell #stavedrums  I am very excited to officially welcome @elm_street_studios to the Wail City family! For rates and booking e-mail Lenny at elmststudios@gmail.com #wailcity #harpoonsup #snare #snaredrums #drums #whiteoak
 Wail City will have 1 snare for sale @pouzzafest today! Bring some extra cash and save big on international shipping!  Hello Party People Would you like to own a piece of Wail City history? This is drum #100, and it is for sale. If you are interested shoot me a direct message or a e-mail at wailcitypercussion@gmail.com Also, when I sell 900 more drums I will probably hit you up to buy it back. Then you can jack up the price and sell it back to me. It's a no brainer. Thanks! 4.75X14 Red Oak shell,2.3 triple flange hoops, offset tube lugs, DW Mag throw off. #100 #harpoonsup #wailcity #staveshell #stavedrum #snaredrum #redoak