Wail City Percussion is a company specializing in hand made stave shell snare drums from my workshop in New Bedford, MA. At Wail City, I passionately craft each shell to create a drum to have exceptional tone, character, and versatility that you won’t find in any standard ply shell.

Wail City Drumming!

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Pat Thetic

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 We had to repost this one. Wail City artist @drdrumming 's snare. 6.5x14 Maple/Walnut hybrid shell, custom cymbal badges, offset tube lugs, 3.0 triple flange hoops, DW Mag throw off. #snare #wailcity #maple #walnut #hybrid #harpoonsup photo: @each.tomorrow  Super excited to welcome Ryan Parrish to the Wail City family! You can catch Ryan with several different bands. Such as: Iron Reagan, Mammoth Grinder and Suppression. Also, you might see him with Smoke or Fire, City of Caterpillar, and Bleach Everything. He also used to play for Darkest Hour. Ryan is a amazing drummer, and a hell of a guy. We are very excited! @ironreaganofficial @mammothgrinder #suppressionhardcore #smokeorfire #cityofcaterpillar #bleacheverything #darkesthour photo by: @dirtysixinc
 @tour247 got this sweet shot at Barna-N-Roll Fest in Barcelona. @saluda @vaterdrumsticks @wailcity @awilhelmscreamofficial  Photo: @dirtysixinc @awilhelmscreamofficial @saluda @vaterdrumsticks