Wail City Percussion is a company specializing in hand made stave shell snare drums from my workshop in New Bedford, MA. At Wail City, I passionately craft each shell to create a drum to have exceptional tone, character, and versatility that you won’t find in any standard ply shell.

Wail City Drumming!

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Pat Thetic

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 Really Bad Religion will be playing at No Problemo the night before Thanksgiving with The Varsity Club. Also, @wailcity will have merchandise for sale. So, come early grab some delicious food, drink some tasty booze, listen to some yummy music, and buy some funky merchandise. "It's a no brainer." Says Holden Monkeytooth.  9x13 rack tom, 14x16 floor, 18x22 kick. Ash Shells. This kit was built for Aaron Gingras from the band Suburban Samurai. You can check out his band at: https://m.facebook.com/suburbansamuraimusic/
 Family member @mc20money rocking my Wenge jammer in the ATL. @suchgold #smokeymatt #wailcity #staveshell #harpoonsup #wailcityallday #snaredrum  I will have some snares for sale on my up coming tour with A Wilhelm Scream. This will be a great way to save money on shipping. Oct. 20- Brooklyn NY, Oct. 21-Philadelphia PA, Oct. 22- Virginia Beach VA, Oct. 23- Baltimore MD, Oct. 25- Atlanta GA, Oct 26- Tampa FL (Pre Fest) Oct 27-29- Gainsville FL. #snaredrum #wailcity #wailtitty #drum #staveshell #stavedrum #harpoonsup