Nicholas Angelini
A Wilhelm Scream

(Live Photo Cred: Aaron Schwarts) Jarrah purp 6.5×14 Red Oak 6.5×14 Jarrah/purple heart hybrid, 6.5×14 oak

Animal C


[email protected] 6×14 oak shell, mini tube lugs trick throw off, triple flange hoops. 8×36 White Oak Octoban

Chris Ara
Murphy’s Law/ The Krays


Drum: 6.5×14 Birch/ oak hybrid shell. Custom Maltese cross cymbal badge

The Blasting Room

blastingroom blasting-room2 blasting-room1

6.25×14 Jatoba/Purple heart shell

Bridge City Sessions


6.5×14 Oak/Purple Heart segmented stile shell. Repurposed cymbal badges.

Dave Boothroyd
Reel Recording Studio

  thefear3 thefear2

7×13 Walnut shell, Maple r-rings, Rock Maple Hoops, tube lugs, DW Mag throw off system. Listen here:

Derek Brasseur
Weld Square

Brasseur1a Brasseur2 Brasseur3 wailcity-purpleheart2015b

6.5×14 Maple/Birch stager shell, maple r-rings, tube lugs, DW Mag throw off.
8 x14 Purple Heart shell, 2.3 triple flange hoops, Black Nickle tube lugs, DW Mag throw off.

Aaron Bruski
Dearly Divided


6.5×14 Jatoba shell repurposed cymbal badges.

Gary Cioffi

Gary-Cioffi-1 Gary-Cioffi-2 Gary-Cioffi-3

6.25×14 Purple Heart shell Offset mini tube lugs, 3.0 triple flange hoops, DW Mag throwoff.
6.75×14 Jatoba shell, off set tube lugs, DW Mag throwoff 3.0 triple flange hoops

Matt Covey
Such Gold

6.5×14 Birch/oak hybrid shell, offset bullet tube lugs, DW Mag throw, 2.3 triple flange hoops.

Flatbubba Studio


5×14 maple/birch hybrid shell with Mahogany pinstripes. 6.25×14 Purple Heart shell

Geoff Fortin Independent

969485_525509890835887_1140279321_n fortin1 fortin2

5.5×14 Bubinga shell, Maple r-rings. Off set tube lugs, DW Mag throw off system.

Brian Franklin
Sic Waiting


6×14 Birch/Walnut Hybrid shell

Aaron Gingras
Suburban Samurai

Ash shells  / 9×13 tom / 14×16 tom / 18×23 kick

Chris Greer

CG-1 Front Shell

7.25×14 segmented shell Spotted Gum/ white Oak/ mahogany

 Nikki Glaspie Dumpstaphunk/ The Nth Power

nikkiglaspie photo (1) photo (2) photo

Celtics wood block

Ryan Haasch
Our Own End

ryan-haasch ryan-haasch1 ryan-haasch2

7×14 english walnut shell, trick throw-off, tube lugs, super hoops

Harry Winston Decline
The Decline

harry-winston1 harry-winston2 harry-winston3

6×14 Walnut shell, tube lugs, Super hoops, trick throw-off

Manfred “Zock” Herzog
Petro Girls

6×14 Ash/Sapele hybrid shell

Josh Kidd


5.5×14 Purple Heart shell, repurposed cymbal badges, repurposed Pork Pie Hardware.

Jim Margle

Jim Margle 1 Jim-Margel-1 Jim-Margel-3

6.5×14 Mahogany freefloater shell

Luis Martinez
La Armada


6.5×14 Oak/Walnut hybrid shell, mordern style tub lugs, 3.0 triple flange hoops, DW Mag throw off, custom hand painted machete by Rachel E. Hall

Andrea Gruber Matthies
The Gift Machine


6.5×14 Mahogany/Maple shell

Pat Murphy


5.75×14 Jatoba/Oak hybrid shell, repurposed cymbal badges, Modern style tube lugs, 3.0 mm hoops, DW Mag throw off

Jarret Nathan


6.75×14 Red Gum/Purple Heart segmented shell. Repurposed heart Pine badges.

Tom O’Leary
J. Kelley Band, the Pourmen, the Moldy Suitcases, and G and Friends.


6.5×14 Mahogany shell with Maple Re-rings, 3.0 Triple Flange Hoops, DW Mag throw off.

Ryan Parrish
Iron Reagan, Mammoth Grinder, Suppression, Smoke or Fire

6×14 Sapele shell, custom cymbal badges

Erik Perkins
The Ataris /Smartbomb

erik_perk erik_inside

6.5X14 Maple/oak Hybrid shell DW Mag Throwoff Triple Flange hoops Tube lugs

Paul Ramirez
The Flatliners

paul-ramirez1 paul-ramirez2 paul-ramirez4 The-Flatliners-Dead-Language

5×14 white oak, free floating shell Listen here:

029 027

5.5×14 cherry/oak hybrid shell, Adonis lugs, DW Mag throw off, DW True hoops

Romeo Rolando
1000 Degrees


7×13 Poplar shell, low mass lugs, DW mag throw-off, triple flanged hoops Hand painted by Joel Monty

Danny Roman
Carrie and the Cats


6.5×14 maple/walnut hybrid shell custom Cymbal badges

Sean Sellers
Authority Zero / Good Riddance

seansellers2014a 032 020

5.5×13 Timbali, steel shell with Cherry bearing edge, Hourglass lugs, triple flange hoop.

William Shepler
The Take

6.5×14 Maple Shell

Kye Smith
Local Resident Failure

Kye Smith Kye Smith - 5x14 Jatoba Shell

5×14 Jatoba Shell, repurposed cymbal Badges, double ended tube lugs, DW Mag throw off, 3.0 triple flange hoops.

Brandon Spence
The Stereo State

brandon_web brandon2 brandon3 the-stereo-state-crossing-canyons

8×13 maple/birch shell, dome lugs, trick throw-off, die cast hoops Listen here:

Sound Box Recording

soundbox1 soundbox2 soundbox3a

6.25×14 red/white Oak hybrid shell, DW Mag throw off system, tube lugs, triple flange hoops.

Jeff Supina

jeff-supina1 jeff-supina2 jeff-supina3

7×14 walnut shell, tube lugs, trick throw-off, triple flanged hoops

Pat Thetic
Anti Flag


6.25×14 Jatoba shell, repurposed cymbal badges, double ended tubelugs, 3.0mm triple flange hoops, DW Mag throwoff system.

Dallas Tidwell
Red City Radio

Drum : 8×14 Purple Heart 3.0 triple flange Hoops, double ended tube lugs, DW Mag throw off adjustable butt plate repurposed cymbal badges.

Maurizio Vinci
L’ Invasione Degli Omini Verdi

day1-003 copia mauri_web1 mauri_web2 lainvasion

6.5×14 Oak/Maple shell, tube lugs, super hoops, trick throw-off Listen here:

Keith Yasco
The Holy Mess

keith-yasco WailCity-101 WailCity-181

5.5×14 maple shell tube lugs, DW Mag throw off triple flange hoops.

Aaron Yorty
Skip Jack


7×14 Padouk shell

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